On March 21 2013 an F3 Tornado tore through our part of the world. After a very few busy days out at Sun Country Holiday Village, I was finally able to go have a look down the road @ the other park. I didn’t go in, just stayed road side.

For those who know this area will immediately notice the destruction. I feel I haven’t captured the force of this thing to what it did to the country side. One of the things I did notice was the overwhelming Eucalyptus smell of the ripped apart, shredded gum trees.

As a photographer, we all have our genres we specialise in, occasionally dabbling in others. But the last thing I thought I would be photographing would be an aftermath of a tornado. We are so accustomed & conditioned to floods, droughts & bush fires. The destruction of a tornado is something else again.

Thank you to the owners of the brick house on Spring Drive, for allowing me to enter their property.

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