Simone is a freelance photographer from Mulwala NSW, where her husband, Peter & 3 boys Kyle, Trent & Ethan have lived since 1993.
Born in Williamstown, Vic, & spent her younger years there before moving to Melton with her parents & 4 brothers, where they all spent their teenage years.

Dabbling in photography while @ school & working after school with a photographer in his store, helping with portrait shoots, & photo restoration for a short time

With 4 teenage brothers to contend with, their hobbies & interest seemed to take over & she soon found herself being dragged along (with a lot of protesting about having to go at times) to football games & later on motorx race meets.

Married in 1986. Moved to Tocumwal, NSW in 1989 with Peter & 2 very little boys. Then in 1993 now with 3 boys moved to Mulwala.

Late 90’s saw Simone once again pick up a camera, & a new interest that no one would have dreamed of. Motorbikes. Yep, with the delight of her brothers, disapproval of her mother, Simone, Peter, Kyle, Trent & even Ethan as a pillion they all got around on road bikes, where Simone rode a YZF600R, until recurring health issues saw them hope back into a cage.

With new clients & expanding into other areas, Simone get’s to the motorcross track when ever she can. (not as often as she would like)

Simone working

Thanks to D Clifford & B Leenders for the two car shots